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April 01, 2019

What are the Pros and Cons of Each of our Bundles?

Are you an avid photographer? Perhaps an avid traveler? Or maybe you’re a little bit of both? With two accessory bundle options available, you can easily find a  Wandrd Backpack in the PRVKE Series to accommodate your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a travel bag or a photography bag.

The Travel Bundle

The Travel Bundle is designed to make carrying and accessing your belongings easy during travel, whether it’s retrieving your laptop while going through security at the airport, or securely storing your passport in a place that’s easy to reach. The main difference between The Travel Bundle and The Photography Bundle is the  removable Camera Cube—where The Photography Bundle comes with one, The Travel Bundle does not. Complete with Accessory Straps, Rainfly, and Waist Strap, this bag is equally as spacious and organized as its counterpart, with the added comfort of a removable chest strap to make wearing the bag less taxing on your back and shoulders, along and weather resistant zippers to add durability to the waterproof material.

The Photography Bundle

Made to cater to the specific needs of a  photographer on the go, The Photography Bundle offers several features to make transporting your camera and accessories easier. With three access points on the bag, you can easily reach your camera no matter what, and the removable Camera Cube makes it easy to leave your backpack in the car and just take your camera and a few accessories along when necessary. In addition to the Camera Cube feature, The Photography Bundle comes complete with the same accessories as The Travel Bundle, with an expandable tripod pocket in addition to the water-resistant zippers and materials.

Need a Little of Both?

If you’re a photographer who regularly travels, there is really no better accessory package for you than the Photography Bundle. This way, not only do you have space for your belongings, but also a designated place to safely store your camera, to ensure it’s protected and easy to access. Although sleek in style, the straps and pockets conveniently placed on this bag make it easy to load it up with as many or as few items as you need without losing the protection and style this great backpack offers.

Get Packed and Chase Your Dreams

Whether you plan to use this as a travel bag or a camera bag, the PRVKE has features to make your life easier while protecting your belongings. So what are you waiting for?

Buy a Wandrd Backpack today and stop waiting for adventure to find you--put on your backpack and go find it for yourself.

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