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Support Local

For a limited time, get 25% off your order when you support local business


Small businesses need our help more than ever...

...and we're committed to helping where we can. As a small business ourselves, we really understand how important even the smallest amount of support is right now.

We're going to be giving 25% off (the biggest discount we've ever offered on new gear) to anyone that spends at least $10 at a local shop (restaurant, retail store, consumer brand, etc.) from now until Friday. Just email us a copy of the receipt to support@wandrd.com and get a *25% Off coupon to use on ANY full-priced gear (coupon valid until April 24th). Simple as that!

Your support doesn't go unnoticed!

*Please note that 25% off coupon does not work with Garage Sale items. 

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Email Us Your Receipt



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