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Meet The Gearologists


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A WANDRD Gearologist by day and a wedding photographer by night. Heather is based in Idaho and shoots on a Canon 5D Mark III. She loves to travel, loves cats (like crazy cat lady status), and just about any type of 80s music. 


Ari is our WANDRD Gearologist based in Europe. A die-hard Nikonist who travels compulsively, likes street and documentary photography, and loves shooting in black and white. She also loves dogs and anything 80's.


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Business Hours

Monday - Friday / 6am - 5pm PST

We value our customers too much to outsource our customer service and we value our employees too much to be open 24/7.

Can't find what you're looking for? Have additional questions around one of our products? Want to know how to pronounce PRVKE? Reach out to talk with one of our real-life, super knowledgeable, and ridiculously attractive in-house experts.

(it's "provoke" by the way)

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