Most companies have a “lifetime” warranty and then creatively explain how a lifetime means 5 years. When we say lifetime, we mean it. All WANDRD products are covered by our WANDER MORE WORRY LESS lifetime warranty. This means that for as long as you own your WANDRD gear, we will make sure your bag is free from manufacturing defects and is functioning properly. We are committed to making the absolute best gear available and are here to back it up.
While we get love mail just about every day for our world class customer service, please know that there are limitations to this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, or negligence (no, we won’t replace your bag if your crazy ex takes an axe to it). This warranty also does not cover cosmetic issues. If your bag doesn’t have any scratches, you’re probably not going hard enough. Just saying. But if you ever experience a manufacturing defect that affects the functionality of the product – please reach out to our customer service for help!

Because we are committed to keeping bags out of a landfill. you may receive a pre-owned replacement or a previous version. (The All-New PRVKE Packs will NOT be issued in a warranty replacement).

Please note bags purchased second hand from individuals are NOT covered by the warranty. 
Examples of UNauthorized sellers: TaoBao, eBay, sellers on Amazon that are NOT us, WANDRD. Any item purchased from an UNauthorized seller is NOT covered by our warranty policy.
If any of your questions aren’t answered below, please reach out to our all-star Gearologist Team for additional information (


Who and what is covered by WANDRD’s warranty policy?

Your WANDRD warranty covers your original purchase of all WANDRD products purchased on our website or through an authorized retailer provided an order number or proof of purchase is sent when filing a warranty claim. 

What sort of defects are covered by Warranty?

This warranty policy covers manufacturing defects rendering the usage of the item unsafe for the gear carried or affecting its functionality.  

Did that sentence confuse you? Here’s what we mean by that: we cover zipper failures, strap failures or any other issue that renders the bag unsafe to carry your gear or unusable. 

Does it cover damage caused by accidents, normal wear and tear?

This policy does not cover damages to the bag that may have been caused by misuse, accidents, chewed or scratched by pets, or normal wear and tear. 

Sooo, if Buster thinks anything is a chew might want to keep your bag off the floor!

What is considered a defect vs normal wear and tear?

A defect could be for example (but not limited to) a zipper sliding off track while wear and tear can be scratches and scuffs generated by heavy usage. 

But don’t worry - heavy usage means stories and adventure. These things weren’t made to stay pretty their whole life!

Will my bag be replaced if it has scratches or other « cosmetic » issues? 

Please note, cosmetic issues are not covered by our warranty. 

Scratches are like scars and tell the story of your gear and travels. Rock them with pride! 

How is my warranty claim processed?

We process warranty claims chronologically and cannot fast track any requests at the moment. Once our team processes your claim, you will be sent by email a Coupon code with a dollar value equivalent to the purchase price of the defective item. You'll also be provided with the usage conditions and rules for that code.

Do you offer in-house repairs in case my bag isn’t covered by WANDRD Warranty for any reason? 

We currently do not offer in-house repairs but it’s something we have in the plans for the future! For small repairs such as stitching for example, we are happy to refund you for a third-party repair if a receipt can be provided! Please reach out to our support team for more info!

Is it possible to upgrade for a newer model? 

Items that need to be replaced will be replaced with the same version of the defective item you are claiming warranty for. We can replace it with newer versions if we have run out of stock permanently on the version you have.

Is it possible to upgrade to any other product? 

It is currently not possible to get a different product as a replacement, even with the payment of the difference in retail price.

How long will it take for my warranty claim to be processed? 

We work as fast as we can and we process claims by chronological order. We are currently unable to fast track any claim. Thank you for your patience. It can take up to 3 weeks for a warranty request to be processed, provided that your claim is completed with all the required information - full name, contact, email, pictures, address, email, invoice and/or order number.

How many times can I file a claim?

It depends on the situation but please bear in mind that multiple claims might be considered negligence.

How do I file a claim?

Please access the form by clicking on this link.

Do I need to physically have the item I am filing a claim on?

Yes, we will not accept any warranty claims for items that have already been disposed of!

Can I just get a refund instead?

No. We currently do not offer any refunds. Items will be replaced or repaired.

If I make changes to the gear, like altering a seam or removing something sewn in, can I still file a warranty claim?

While we love the personalization of your bag, it will depend on the situation. If you are unsure about it, please contact our Customer Service team by email to find out.

Does the warranty cover me if I don’t wash the pack correctly or accidentally spill something on it (such as a cat peeing on your bag)?

Spilled liquids, pet fluids, foul smells or bags that have been improperly cleaned are not covered under the warranty. We really hope your cat doesn’t pee on it though.

Do I have to pay import taxes on my warranty replacement?

You may need to clear customs and may be charged taxes on your replacement order depending on your country. Even if the order is marked as a zero cost for you, certain countries will still impose a clearance. We are not responsible for clearing customs or for any tax levied as a result of this clearance.

What retailers are NOT authorized?

The list is not exhaustive but we can cite eBay, Desert Cart, AliExpress or TaoBao as unauthorized for example. Individual sellers are also unauthorized. Make sure you double check our store locator or reach out to our team to make sure the merchant you want to purchase from is one of our authorized dealers.

I bought my bag second hand, am I covered under warranty?

We currently do not cover under our warranty items purchased second hand.

Will you replace stolen or lost items?

Stolen or lost items are not covered by our warranty. 

Could this policy change in the future?

Absolutely, we reserve our right to update this warranty policy at any time.

I no longer have the order number or invoice for my purchase, can I still file a warranty claim?

We currently do not accept warranty claims without an original order number or proof of purchase from an authorized dealer (invoice, receipt, screenshot of an order confirmation under your name). If you purchased it on our website, we can cross reference some data and find the order # for you, please reach out to us if you no longer have your order #. If you purchased your item from a retailer, we kindly ask that you reach out to the shop for a duplicate of your invoice before filing a claim on our website. Mama said it best - save your receipts!



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