Building a Better Brand

We recognize the impact our products have on the environment & are taking steps to improve our sustainability practices every year.

Driving Change

At WANDRD, we believe that sustainability and ethical practices are crucial considerations for consumers. Recognizing our responsibility as a global physical goods company, we continually enhance our sustainability practices for a better future.

Continuous Improvement

Striving for ongoing improvement, we prioritize sustainability by collaborating with suppliers who share our values. Our partners are certified by Bluesign or Oeko-Tex, meeting rigorous environmental and social standards.

Sustainable Partnerships

WANDRD values the ethical treatment of workers by choosing a factory partner who shares our ideals and surpasses expectations. Our partner in Vietnam leads the way by implementing a 5-day workweek with above-average salaries, reducing working hours, and promoting a positive work environment.

Our Commitment

WANDRD acknowledges the environmental impact of our products and strives to enhance sustainability practices. We prioritize partnerships with like-minded suppliers and constantly expand our knowledge of environmental effects. Our factory partner ensures ethical treatment and fosters excellent working conditions. WANDRD's dedication aims to create a positive impact on people and the planet.

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Our Mission

We create products that inspire people to get out and live passionate lives; exploring, creating, and living life in the full moment.

This is our story

Our mission is simple: to inspire people to get out and live passionately; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment.

About Us