Life is meant to be wild, unexpected, and messy. That’s why we’ve designed our gear to be #WANDERPROOF. 

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing stories and content from our customers, and yours truly, around what makes our gear so #WANDERPROOF.  

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Is it waterproof...? Yeah, it's #WANDERPROOOF. No, is it waterproof...? Oh, no it isn't waterproof but it is highly weather-resistant.



The Quick Draw Side Access has become one of the most loved features on WANDRD bags. Having instant access to your camera makes sure you never miss a shot because your camera is buried at the bottom of your bag.

"Since we travel and shoot around the world, knowing that our gear is #WANDERPROOF and protected from the elements is a necessity and a huge weight off our minds.

From Antarctica to New Zealand, to Europe and Australia, our WANDRD bags have never let us down."


Keep up with Florent and Amberly from @oftwolands on instagram and see more of their adventure on their website!



As a travel and lifestyle photographer, I need a sturdy bag that protects all my gear from the hazardous weather of the countries I visit. The PRVKE 31L does it perfectly.

In fact, in January 2020, I went on a 10 days expedition to Antarctica to document climate change. In that situation, I had to choose carefully which bag I wanted to bring with me. I chose the PRVKE for its #WANDERPROOF qualities. Through all the rain and snow, my gear stayed perfectly safe.

Trusting your camera bag is super important as a photographer. I know I can count on my PRVKE no matter the weather conditions. Nothing can break this bad boy. I simply love it.

- Kam Vachon (Check her Instagram out here:  https://www.instagram.com/kamvachon/)