Life is meant to be wild, unexpected, and messy. That’s why we’ve designed our gear to be #WANDERPROOF. 

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing stories and content from our customers, and yours truly, around what makes our gear so #WANDERPROOF.  

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Animal Planet Extinct or Alive

At the start of season 2 of the Animal Planets Extinct or Alive, the camera crew packed their WANDRD bags. Over the next eight months, the crew traveled to over ten countries into some of the harshest, toughest environments on the planet.


The bags got used every day to carry batteries, lenses, drones, and whatever gear the crew needed for that day. The PRVKE and HEXAD Access were tossed around, exposed to extreme heat and cold, attacked by animals, covered in bees, dust, sand, snow, rain, and sweat, but never failed. 


To show all the things that these bags withstood, we cut together a video of the adventures the bags went on and to give other WANDRD fans or people thinking of getting a WANDRD bag an example of #WANDRDPROOF these bags are


Is it waterproof...? Yeah, it's #WANDERPROOOF. No, is it waterproof...? Oh, no it isn't waterproof but it is highly weather-resistant.



The Quick Draw Side Access has become one of the most loved features on WANDRD bags. Having instant access to your camera makes sure you never miss a shot because your camera is buried at the bottom of your bag.

"Since we travel and shoot around the world, knowing that our gear is #WANDERPROOF and protected from the elements is a necessity and a huge weight off our minds.

From Antarctica to New Zealand, to Europe and Australia, our WANDRD bags have never let us down."


Keep up with Florent and Amberly from @oftwolands on instagram and see more of their adventure on their website!



As a travel and lifestyle photographer, I need a sturdy bag that protects all my gear from the hazardous weather of the countries I visit. The PRVKE 31L does it perfectly.

In fact, in January 2020, I went on a 10 days expedition to Antarctica to document climate change. In that situation, I had to choose carefully which bag I wanted to bring with me. I chose the PRVKE for its #WANDERPROOF qualities. Through all the rain and snow, my gear stayed perfectly safe.

Trusting your camera bag is super important as a photographer. I know I can count on my PRVKE no matter the weather conditions. Nothing can break this bad boy. I simply love it.

- Kam Vachon (Check her Instagram out here:  https://www.instagram.com/kamvachon/)